Labisan partner

Lupuca Pharma GmbH

Lupuca Pharma GmbH is specialized in the manufacturing of niche products and medium batches in the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and dietary supplements. As a contract manufacturer we produce pharmaceutical products according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). In addition to contract manufacturing on behalf of others, we also produce private labels of well-known companies in various shapes and packaging solutions.

BANO Healthcare GmbH

Whereas the traditional natural products of BANO are appreciated by everyone across the generations, the pharmaceuticals are highly respected especially by hospitals, doctors and pharmacies.


Inspired by ayurvedic knowledge about the holistic effects of food, we started to create effective tea blends a few years ago. But that alone was not enough. So we started to search for a method to increase our well-being and our natural joie de vivre in a simple way for us people of the 21st century. We discovered the nutrient- and vitamin-rich superfoods for ourselves and laid the foundation stone for our assortment.

SeiAktiv Vertriebs GmbH

ANDROPEAK® is a herbal dietary supplement consisting of high-dose fenugreek seed extracts. Fenugreek is originally native to Persia and has been known for its invigorating effect for thousands of years. Zinc, iron and vitamin B6 strengthen these properties with the innovative Aktiv-Plus Formula®. ANDROPEAK® supports oxygen transport in the body and thus promotes energy metabolism.

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