Sunscreen is important, especially when spending time outdoors in full summer. Most sunscreen products are not going to last very long the typical surfing conditions, even if they’re labeled as waterproof. Labisan® is a specially designed sunscreen product for watersports.


The overall skin benefits from an all-over waterproof sunscreen for surfing, but lips have a different texture than the rest of the body and are very fast left unprotected. To remedy this, you should consider getting a special sunscreen for the lip area, since you can’t apply the regular sunscreen on your mouth area as well.


Labisan® is a mineral sunscreen not getting absorbed and remaining on the surface of the skin where it reflects sunlight. The two ingredients available in general are either zinc oxide (good for UVA & UVB) or titanium oxide (good for blocking UVB, but not as good with UVA).  These are the best UV blocking and safest sunscreen ingredients available and are widely recommended by dermatologist.


Clear zinc or titanium-based sunscreens use micronized ingredients that make them more translucent, but the smaller particle size is less efficient at blocking UVA.  For the best protection, stick with zinc oxide sunscreens in Labisan®.


The Labisan® formula is one of the top-rated water sports lip protection choices. The zinc oxide based sunscreen sticks where it belongs for hours!

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