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Labisan Fever Blister Ointment

As a traditional Austrian product, Labisan® fever blister has been offering an effective prevention and treatment measure in the fight against lip glacier burn and annoying fever blisters for over 80 years now.
The special cream packaged in a cold protection tube offers high effectiveness in every phase - from contraception to complete healing. Already with the first noticeable signs of a fever blister as well as before and after intensive UV irradiation, the cream should be applied several times a day, locally thin. Labisan® protects against intensive sun exposure and thus against a reawakening of the Herpes Simpex virus or the development of painful fever blisters. In addition, the special cream has  a strong antiseptic effect, which counteracts the development of a superinfection of the affected, mostly inflammatory areas by bacterial pathogens. Due to its wound-healing effect, the cream should also be applied several times a day during the healing phase.

Zinc Oxide in Labisan

In addition to its antiviral properties, zinc also has a promoting effect in terms of antibody synthesis. Especially after bursting of the fever blister, zinc-containing healing ointments are recommended. In addition to promoting wound healing, they also possess an antiseptic effect against the development of accompanying bacterial infections.
Labisan Zinc Cream is applied several times a day to dry out the vesicles and prevent the pathogen from spreading to healthy areas of the skin.