In 1931 a pharmacist who was an enthusiastic skier and mountain-climber developed Labisan® in his Maria Schutz Apotheke (Maria Schutz Pharmacy) and introduced the product in the Austrian market. Within a short time the new medication proved most useful as a cream for cold sores among alpine climbers. Hence the trademark was registered internationally in 1936. Since this time Labisan® is an established product among creams and ointments for cold sores.


Labisan® is a trademark since 1931 and has been able to hold its ground successfully in the international market. During this long period of time, a number of different advertisement placards were designed. These placards, shown in the history section in retrospect, trace the development of the Labisan® trademark and also show that the graphic presentation of the product was closely linked with the respective time period.

Since 1931

Made in Austria